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Dawn’s Darling RagDolls

Want a Kitten? Get One Today!


Ready to go late March!

#1 Reserved for Kristen: Seal-point female, She is just a doll! Has a great personality to go with it! $800.00

#2 Reserved for Susanne: Seal mink male. Sweet little boy. $900.00

#3 Reserved for Marty: Seal-Point female sweet loving girl.  $800.00

#4 Reserved for Ryan: Seal-point female. She is beautiful and so friendly!  Loves attention!$800.00

#5 Reserved for Laura:  Seal Sepia male. He is just a doll! $900.00

#6 Reserved for Josh: Seal mink lynx male, He is a little timid but very sweet.  $900.00

#7 Reserved for Korrina: Seal mink male. He is just beautiful and playful! $900.00

#8 Reserved for Josh: Seal mink lynx male. Just a precious little boy. $900.00

#9 Reserved for Leia:  Seal-point lynx female. She is just a doll! $800.00

#10 Reserved for Marty: Chocolate mink with mittens  male. Very loving little guy. $900.00

#11 Reserved for Nan: Seal-point mitted male. He is such a sweet little boy! $800.00

#12 Reserved for Laura: Seal-mink with mittens male. He is just a darling. Loves being held. $900.00

#13 Reserved for Sarah :  Seal-mink  male. He is just a doll! $900.00

#14 Reserved for Robyn:  Seal-mink male. He is a little timid but a very sweet boy. $900.00

#15 Reserved for Kelly:

Seal point mitted male kitten coming soon. He is just precious!

 Check for more availability of new litters.

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