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Dawn’s Darling Ragdolls

Kitten Contract

Date: ________________________________ Current age: ________________________

Kitten Color: Blue Seal Bicolor Mink Mitted Non-Mitted Sex: M F

DOB: ______________

Sire: ___________________________________________________

Dam: __________________________________________________ Price ____________

A: Breeder

1. Kitten is in good health, has had one or two routine vaccinations, and free of all internal and external parasites.

2. Breeder will provide a pet record listing all vaccinations, de-worms, treatments (if any) and the dates thus far.

3. The kitten’s mother and father were negative for feline leukemia as a kitten and have not been exposed to any outside or unknown cats.

4. The breeder guarantees the kitten will be free of congenital defects, including HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) for one year. If a fatal defect occurs, the breeder will either replace the kitten or refund the price of the kitten. A histopathology report or report from a board certified cardiologist is absolutely required.

5. Viral diseases (including Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP) are warranted against only in single cat households.

6. Cash refunds of any nature are not offered except in the cases mentioned in No. 4 and 5 above.

7. The kitten(s) will be registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) as a breeding or non-breeding kitten depending on agreement between breeder and adopter.

B: Adopter

1. These are strictly indoor cats only. DO NOT ever expose your kitten to outdoor cats/animals.

2. Adopters will ensure that the kitten(s) have recommended routine vaccinations to maintain the health of the kitten(s).

3. Adopter is responsible for ALL veterinary expenses incurred after acquiring kitten(s).

4. Neutering/spaying is the responsibility of the buyer and is recommended at 6 months of age and not before.

5. Written proof of the neuter/spay from your vet is required if you want registration papers for your kitten(s).

6. It is your choice whether or not you want to have your kitten tested for feline leukemia and this is at your expense.

7. Adopters are responsible for allergies, landlord issues, housetraining, behavior and for understanding the information in the kitten papers you are given: Bringing Home Your New Ragdoll Kitten, Kitten Behavior and Safety.

8. If the adopter violates any of the terms of this contract, the breeder has the right to recover the kitten(s) and the adopter will comply by returning the kitten(s) to the breeder with NO REFUND/REIMBURSEMENT.

Please contact Dawn Miller at [email protected] or 316-285-6458 for any questions.

By signing below, we understand this, agree to everything above and will pay any fees resulting from breach of contract.

Breeder Signature _______________________________________________________

Adopter Signature _______________________________________________________