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Dawn’s Darling Ragdolls

What Are Ragdolls?


This is one of our beautiful girls when she was a kitten before a breeder. Look at all that Fluff Violet's kittens look like this too! 


The Ragdoll breed was introduced in the early 1960’s in California when Ann Baker combined the best of three known breeds: Persians, Bermans, and Burmese. She developed what was to become a new breed known for going limp in your arms like a child’s rag doll.

Ragdoll Kitten Physical Traits

They are large-boned and are considered semi-longhaired and their fur is soft like a bunny rabbit's. Their fur does not matte like most long-haired cats and they do not shed nearly as much as a regular cat.

Ragdoll Kitten Personality:

Ragdolls are best known as “the dog of the cat world”. They are not like the typical felines that can often be finicky and independent. They prefer to be around people and will follow you around the house. They would even run to the door when the doorbell rings!

They are very laid back and docile, and they do not like to be left alone for over 24 hours. So if you are gone from home a lot then a ragdoll kitten/cat is probably not a good choice for you.

In fact, Ragdolls are so docile towards humans and other animals that are INDOOR CATS ONLY! They do not possess the natural feline instinct to protect themselves.  


The Ragdoll breed has many patterns and colors:

Color Point: have dark well-defined points. Their body color is lighter than the color of their point. The color points are blue, seal, lynx, flame, tabby, lilac, chocolate and tortie.

Mitted: have well-defined points, except on front feet where they have a matched set of snow-white mittens. Their hind legs are completely white, but the white extends no higher than mid-thigh. There may be a white blaze on their nose.

Bi-Color: have an inverted “V” white mask and white on all four legs, feet, stomach and chest.

Lynx: have Lynx type stripes on the points of the body. They may also come in mitted or bi-color patterns. Unique to the lynx is that they have dark chocolate paws if they are not mitted.

Tabby: Have the traditional tabby stripes of a typical cat in addition to the points.

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